Children's Author, Cowgirl Poet

Liz Hughey is a seasoned mule advocate and horse enthusiast who spent the better part of her twenties, mule packing and horse guiding in the National Forests and Wilderness Areas of Northwest Colorado.  She is currently a "mud puddle loving mom" to her 5 year old son, and the grazing manager of her families Red Angus Beef ranch in Southeastern Indiana.  

After a few years of reading books for an hour or more per day to her child, Liz found a voice as an author. Her books launched in 2017 and inspire children to think actively about environmental stewardship, livestock husbandry, and the full circle of life, seasons, and the importance of love in our health and life.

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L I Z  H U G H E Y

The Cowgirl poet

children's Author, cowboy poet

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