Author Liz Hughey has once again written a delightful mule story with humor and a great lesson. The fact that her young Son is the co-writer makes this story even more charming. The book offers not only a wonderful lesson in keeping our most precious resources clean, but also presents a valuable lesson in work ethic as it teaches children about mules and packing. The pictures are superbly done with a great sense of humor added. I love the message behind the story. This is a book that every critter crazy kid needs to have on their bookshelf. -FJ Thomas, Author/Writer,

Beautifully illustrated, Trash Talk tells an important story about the responsibility everyone needs to have in exercising good stewardship of our beautiful parks system. We have all experienced the disappointment of being at a park and having to deal with others carelessness, and Trash Talk has the noble goal of helping our next generation take better care of our resources. Trash Talk is also educational, opening up the little-known world of horses and pack mules to a new audience of children through a loveable mule named Scrapper. It is a perfect read-along book, with additional educational information to help tell the story.
Sara Steever, President | Paulsen,, @paulsenag, @ssteever


Liz Hughey has done it again with her new children’s book, Trash Talk. Liz has taught another life lesson to every child and the adult that reads to them with this story about taking care of our National Forests and State Parks along with keeping a cowgirl and her mule pack string woven into doing their job. This book would make a great addition to your child’s library for learning and entertainment. 

-Neta Tennison, associate editor of Western Mule Magazine, Inc, , Marshfield, MO.

Take your kids or grandchildren on this story book pack trip as a memorable message is delivered by an adorable bunch of long ears.  The experience is real and the lesson is invaluable.  The author and illustrator are to be commended for both.
-Ms. Freddy Dunn, Back Country Horsemen of America, Chairwoman

This latest and final tale by poetic packer Liz Hughey in her Mule Packing for Children Trilogy focuses on our wonderful and glorious natural environment that we packers get to work in.  There is no better office. Trash Talk provides an entertaining and educational lesson about stewardship in our nation’s public lands.  This story builds on Liz’s previous books yet stands alone as another fun and educational journey with mules, horses and packers on the trail in our nation’s parks and forests.  It is a book that is great for kids of all ages, poetically speaking to the importance of land conservation through the eyes of a mule packer.  She cares for the land and her stock that depend on it.  Trash Talk belongs not only on your bookshelf, but something to be read around the campfire!! -Kent Reeves, Cowboy Consevationist, Photographer,Soil Carbon Coalition


Trash Talk, the 3rd book in the "Children's Mule Packing" series, introduces Leave No Trace Ethics to young readers with a rhythmic story about a cowgirl, her pack mule, and their quest to help keep the trail and surrounding National Forest litter free.  Illustrations by Bonnie Shields are the perfect compliment to this much needed early life lesson in environmental stewardship.    

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Trash Talk