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Springtime dangers & Delights

The Cowgirl poet

Springtime Dangers and Delights shares two wonderful poems, "1,2,3, Poison Ivy" which teaches children about how to identify and avoid poison ivy.  Also included is the poem entitled, "Herpetological Friends" which explains herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians.  This fun poem encourages children to be observant while outside. From box turtles, to green frogs and beyond, "Herpetological Friends" teaches how these creatures are helpful and friendly and certainly worth discovering if only children are observant enough to see them.


​“Springtime Dangers and Delights is a definite delight with its whimsical illustrations and author Liz Hughey’s simple message that young children to whom it is targeted can easily relate and absorb. 
Liz’s straightforward teaching approach underlines her unique ability to know her audience.  Springtime Dangers and Delights is a must read for every child fortunate enough to encounter springtime nature on an up close and personal level.” -Laine Raia, Author/editor and proprietor of The Ponderaia, an equine facility, North Reading, MA.