"There once was a mule pack string that learned a valuable moral,  

about working together as a team. 

The lead horse was named Rusty;

his color was sorrel."

Pack String Hang-up....A Mule Trail Tale, takes readers on a trail adventure with Barney and his friends.  Children will meet the different personality strengths and weaknesses of each mule, with underlying lessons in forgiveness and teamwork.  With illustrations that are sure to imprint on any reader's mind, ​Pack String Hang-up​ is a fun, rhythmic read to add to any child's library, ages 0-10.

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​​​​"Barney is a pack mule,

whose ears are tall and wide.

But, his belly is quite thin,

which lets his sawbuck saddle slide." 

Barney the Lopsided Mule, introduces children to mules, outfitters, and National Forests.  
This story is attainable and engaging on every level, from Pre-K to 5th+.  Small children will love the story because of the rhyme and amazing illustrations, and there are so many opportunities for older kids to learn. Barney the Lopsided Mule also teaches a lesson about eating a healthy dinner; a common problem for many children.  Author signed copies.

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"If you pack it in, please pack it out.

Put litter in its place.

Lend a hand and pick it up.

Pitch in!  Help Leave No Trace!"

Trash Talk educates young readers on Leave No Trace ethics while introducing a working partnership between human and animal that makes the world a better place.  Scrapper the Mule and his heroine packer save the day on this eventful trail ride.  Trash Talk, with its beautiful illustrations and rhyme, is sure to captivate children, ages 0-10, while giving readers a glimpse of one of the many problems litter can cause.  

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