"Liz Hughey has written a wonderful story to help children learn that everyone makes mistakes and that it is not hard to make a success out of a mistake if everyone will work together to fix it. What happens to this mule string is the a true life lesson for every boy and girl. It is written in a manner that is easy for any child to understand and have fun reading at the same time. Pack String Hang-Up…A Mule Trail Tale is a wonderful book that should be part of your family library."  -Neta Tennison, associate editor of Western Mule Magazine, Inc, Marshfield, MO.

"Mules are all about life lessons and sudden surprises, and this new adventure with Barney the Lopsided mule is no exception! Travel with Barney and his mule friends as he finds out what real teamwork is all about!" -Meredith Hodges, author of Jasper The Mule, trainer, founder of Lucky Three Ranch, Inc.


"While reading this book together Maddy and I shared the experience of learning about pack animals and equipment. The story also opened up discussion about teamwork and how even though each of us is an individual, if we work together, things go better. We very much enjoyed the character of the animals' and the rhythm of the read. Maddy is looking forward to sharing this story with her school friends and helping them learn about mules, nature and the great outdoors. Without a doubt this is a fabulous book for both children and adults to enjoy....and even better together." -Cindy McElrea and her granddaughter Maddy, Authors of Torey the Turtle Finds His Way

​“Pack String Hang-up … A Mule Trail Tale” is a marvelous early primary-grade picture book. I’m old-fashioned enough that I prefer poetry that rhymes. Bonnie Shields’ creative talent excelled at showing the individual characteristics of each mule, and in several typical positions of mule-play.  This is the type of story we enjoy sharing with our grandchildren". -Frank Kelso, Author of, California Bound, A Message to Santa Fe, and The Apprenticeship of Nigel Blackthorn 

​"A charming story with fascinating illustrations depicting a day in the exciting life of a mule pack string". -Claudia Moya-Tanner, Red's Meadow Resort and Pack Station.

"Thank You, Miss Liz.  We mules were made for the trail.  We've done this work for thousands of years.
We've fought forest fires, moved armies, rescued the lost and injured and made the mountains available for so many humans.  It is our job.  Now we can share all of this with our human friends." 

Let your child travel through the backcountry with Barney and his friends, learning of the excitement that can happen on the trail. Pack String Hang-up​ will introduce readers to an entire pack string of mules and the different personality strengths and weaknesses that accompany them, all while teaching lessons in teamwork and forgiveness.  This is a great book to add to your child's library.  

Pack String Hang-up....A Mule Trail Tale

​Photo Credit, Drew Riedman Photography

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